About us

SML has been found in 2012 in Uganda to become a leader player in Recycling industry. Uganda has vast opportunities and recycling sector was not handled well before SML has entered the sector. Our company has purchased brand new high quality machines to address low quality on recycling in Uganda done by small players mostly.

After 7 year, SML became the leader recycling company in PET bottles with one of the highest quality and capacity in whole East Africa with 2-3M USD yearly exports to China, India, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Iraq and many other countries within the years.

Washing Lines

Tons/Month Capacity


Tons/Month Capacity

Company mainly deals in PET bottle recycling; hence it recycles all types of hard plastics such as HDPE, LDPE and PP materials. We manufacture raw materials in many key industries both locally and globally both in flake and granule forms.

Company is settled on a 3 acre land with 2000+ square meters of factory and warehouse buildings and 300meters of office buildings. SML has 2 washing lines with 700tons/month capacity and 1 extruder with 300tons/month capacity, Color sortex for flakes and many other machinery and equipment to ensure the high quality standards to the customers of Standard Manufacturing LTD.

Other than the business perspective, SML also does great job for environment, society and the country’s economy. Company directly employs 200+ workers and indirectly employs 1000+ workers via its collection outlets. Company is aiming to double the employment by 2022 with its new programs to its collection centers and suppliers. Company recycles around 4000 tons of PET bottles and 500-1000 tons of other plastics yearly. Company recycles approximately 200 Million bottles which were going to dumping yards, to soil or to the Lake Victoria. It is also equivalent to 28000 CO2 emission reduced due to recycling of those plastics.  The 2-3M USD exports the country’s economy to reduce the trade deficit and generate FX from its sales.

As SML we are proud of the job we are doing. We will continue to make sure SML remains the key player in the industry with more innovations and technology to increase efficiency and capacity as well as the quality of its raw materials supplied to the industries.


Mission: Our mission is to collect and recycle all types of plastic waste from all around Uganda and neighboring countries to generate more employment and help environment.


Vision: Our vision is to become the leading Plastic recycling company in East Africa and create a new perspective to recycling with the help of the community and the government.



  • Integrity
    • Honesty and ethical behavior when transacting any business
    • Professional manner on all our action
    • Right targets and goals for future
  • Responsibility against the environment and society
    • Although we recycle, we do it on most environmental way as possible not to waste more
    • Trying to create jobs as much as possible
    • Trying to recycle as much as possible to help environment
  • High quality and efficiency on its productions
    • We try to maintain at highest quality possible
    • Higher quality recycle raw material means higher quality recycled product